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Four Signs That Show You May Be A Reincarnation

Four Signs That Show You May Be A Reincarnation

There are plenty of religions and followings that believe in life after death, be it the existence of an afterlife or the endless cycle of being reincarnated back on earth. Some believe that a person’s soul can’t leave the physical realm if it is hanging on to unfinished business or if the burial process is not completed and others feel that whoever or whatever you were in the past life can in fact influence how you act and feel in this one.


In a study of over 2000 people featured in the Telegraph, it was revealed that of the participants nearly 40% believe in ghosts and just over a quarter believe in reincarnation, but what are some signs that may show if this is your first life? Here are a few things that some people believe will help you deduce if this is, in fact, your first journey on earth.

1. You Are Exceptional At Reading People

If you are introduced to someone new and instantly feel as if you can familiarise with them or can identify their characteristics, those that maintain the theory of reincarnation believe that it is because you have already come across that character trait in a previous life.


It is thought that the knowledge from observing your fellow man sticks with you throughout your life cycles so when it comes to being in large social settings the wisdom from your past self allows you to identify general qualities much easier.

2. You Enjoy Being Alone

When it comes to being by yourself you are always secure in your sense of self-identity. This may be due to the fact that your self-value is reinforced by the knowledge of past lives, and that way in which your sense of self does not need to be reinforced by other people.

From a social aspect, it is believed that your soul has already been on earth for many reincarnations so it has already gained the wisdom of others and you are no longer as inspired to seek it out to find inner peace.


3. You Feel Out Of Place

You may feel out of place because your previous reincarnations were not part of the same beliefs or even species. It is said that even though most of the memories of the previous reincarnation are forgotten, some feelings and instincts remain. It is theorized that a person who is a reincarnation will appear more quirky or rebel against social norms.

4. You Have A Lot Of Wisdom

You are always the one that people come to for advice, or it is said that you possess a ‘wisdom beyond your years’. This is because of the belief that the wisdom of your previous reincarnations instills you with their knowledge in a very primal way. You can be described as an old soul because that is exactly what you are, whilst your physical body may be relatively young, your reincarnated soul has been traveling for lifetimes.