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Mom Crochets Unbelievable Xenomorph and Skeletor Costumes For Son

Mom Crochets Unbelievable Xenomorph and Skeletor Costumes For Son

One of the most important things for people about Halloween each year is showing off their home-made outfits, and while most are quite mediocre, this mom from Cleavland, Ohio, has changed the game with her crocheted Xenomorph and Skeletor costumes.


Stephanie Pokorny – of Crochetverse – designs and creates special costumes for her family each Halloween, which really makes the group stand out when trick or treating.

For 2019s Halloween, Stephanie hand-made two costumes for her son Jack to choose from. One outstanding Xenomorph monster from the Alien film series, and one unbelievable Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe franchise.


Below, you can see the wonderful detail put into Jack’s glow in the dark Xenomorph ensemble, and while it does look completely frightening, it also radiates adorable energy.


The Skeletor creation is just as impressive, and alongside the amazing detail Stephanie put into her 45-hour work, the costumes eyes light up to give the villain an extra evil touch.


The extremely fascinating pieces of art Stephanie Pokorny manages to produce are simply breathtaking, and it is good news for fans of her crocheting, as you can find a lot more of her creations on her social media.


You can join her 18,000+ followers and keep up to date with Chrochetverse’s wonderful world of creations, HERE!

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What did you think of Stephanie Pokorny’s amazing hand-made costumes? Do you have pictures of your own outstanding Halloween getup? Make sure you get involved and tell us all of your thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comments.