Ahead of the Oscars on Monday, Rotten Tomatoes Audiences were asked to vote on what film they thought should be crowned the ultimate best picture and from a bracket of 64 historic best picture winners LoTR’s epic final film has emerged victorious. After directly defeating classics such as All Quiet On The Western Front and The French Connection as well as more modern behemoths like No Country for Old Men and Spotlight, Return of the King then went on to best both The Godfather Part I and Part II by healthy margins.

After a perfect 11 nominations and 11 awards from the academy the outcome of this contest could perhaps have easily been seen before it even began and with over a million votes being cast across the tournament there were clearly some upsets.

With debates raging in the comments section about the difference between ‘the peoples favourite film’ and ‘the best film’ fans and viewers immediately took sides. Despite RoTK being the most winningest film in oscars history there were cries of the more modern films having a bias in the contest. With Films such as Lawrence of Arabia and On The Waterfront losing out early and All About Eve being defeated by the controversial Green Book the so called modernity bias may have been present. It is my feeling though that there will always be a connection between groundbreaking films and those who were around to witness their release, just as I am sure that in 30 years I will be vehemently bashing space age titles and how the do not measure up to the return of the king.