Home Halloween These Disney Halloween Wreaths Add A Spooky Charm To Your Decor

These Disney Halloween Wreaths Add A Spooky Charm To Your Decor

These Disney Halloween Wreaths Add A Spooky Charm To Your Decor

You’re now able to add a little bit of magic to your holidays with these incredible Disney Halloween wreaths.


Although Halloween is a time for creepy costumes and haunting designs, the addition of spooky charm is the exact thing your decorations need to stand out this year.

And yes, while wreaths are normally a Christmas decoration, we just cannot say no to having one of these intimidating creations hung up on our door or sitting on our mantelpiece this Halloween.


There are a substantial amount of Disney products out there, but we chose a handful of the best ones we could find.

See them below!

Credit – Etsy


This outstanding Maleficent wreath shines a mesmerizing green glow, which is ideal for those looking to spook up their decorations with some sinister beauty.

Find the Maleficent wreath on Etsy, HERE!

Mickey and Minnie BatsHalloween Wreath Halloween Decor image 0Credit – Etsy


Another incredible Disney wreath has caught the attention of many, this time the terrifyingly adorable design is inspired by Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Head over HERE to get your own!

Disney Wreath Jack Skellington Wreath Jack and Sally Disney image 0Credit – Etsy


You can never have a Disney wreath list without including the lovable Tim Burton creations – Jack Skellington and Sally. Aside from our obvious love for the pair, this design has a real eye-catching pattern and is perfect for Halloween this year.

get it here

Credit – Amazon


Finally, we end on the second Mickey Mouse wreath in the list which is bursting with Halloween color, it will also do well to distract guests from what’s happening behind them…

Fans of the wreath can order their own at Amazon, HERE!

Will you be buying any of these fascinating Disney Halloween wreaths?


In case you missed it, you can go and check out this hauntingly unique Oogie Boogie wreath which is selling out fast, HERE!

Which one was your favorite? Will any of these be hanging up in your home come Halloween? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.