Home Lifestyle You Can Now Get This Terrifyingly Unique Oogie Boogie Wreath

You Can Now Get This Terrifyingly Unique Oogie Boogie Wreath

You Can Now Get This Terrifyingly Unique Oogie Boogie Wreath

The Nightmare Before Christmas is filled with an incredibly unique cast, each with their own personality and look, but none are as hauntingly lovable as the legendary Boogeyman himself, Oogie Boogie.


Although his design looks quite simple, Henry Selick has previously stated that Oogie Boogie was the toughest character to create due to his large size and quite shapeless body.

Despite the fact that he is the antagonist of the movie, Oogie Boogie has a large following and support.


Because of this, we’ve found an amazing piece of art solely dedicated to the Pumpkin King’s rival, and for those of you that love The Nightmare Before Christmas, this simple but elegant work of art is just for you.

Credit – TheNerdPerch

The wreath measures at around 23-inches high, 23-inches wide, and close to 4-inches deep, meaning it is a great size to sit atop your home furniture or to be hung up for decoration.

Although it is of use in mild weather, there is no actual guarantee it will hold up in strong weathers and it is not intended to be hung up or used outdoors.


This entirely handmade wreath inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Oogie Boogie is painted with burlap and acrylic paints and the artists used their daughter’s play-doh in order to create the Oogie Boogie mold.

TheNerdPerch is responsible for these brilliant products, and if you’re obsessed just like us, you can find and purchase your own – HERE – where stock is beginning to run out fast.

If you’re skeptical about buying this product, here are some of the reviews left behind by paying customers.


This is awesome! I love it and plan on hanging it for Halloween and Christmas too!… very well made and delivered quickly. – guessy123.

Seller worked with me to customize so it fits into my space perfectly! this is an awesome wreath! – Christine Campbell.

Will you be gifting yourself or somebody you know one of these incredibly unique Oogie Boogie wreaths? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.