Mystery, Romance, and Fantasy are three genres that are great when attempting to make you feel something regardless of whether you’re reading or watching the events unfold, but nothing grabs our attention and keeps us on the edge of our seats (or hiding behind our pillows) quite like horror.

The ability to freak people out at will is what makes horror so unique. No matter how mentally strong you are, everybody has a fear, and if somebody is able to exploit that in their stories, you’re sure to be entertained, right?

Well, because of this, we will be looking at some of the best two-sentence horror stories that are most definitely going to keep you up at night.

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A rather mild scenario turns sinister when you realize the monster the daughter claimed to see was in fact a man lurking in her closet.

While the first sentence makes you wonder what the couple has hidden inside their basement, the ending introduces us to a much more horrific outcome.

You may need to read back through once or twice, but once you come to grips with the conclusion, it becomes quite a sad story.

This one took a very unexpected turn and makes you think of how you perceive things in life.

This story is potentially the most gripping of the lot thus far, and, of course, very, very terrifying.

Lastly, we have this incredibly scary event that should be capable of scaring the most adventurous of travelers.

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