Woman Who Enjoys Sex With 20 Ghosts Says She Will Never Go Back To A Man

Sex varies from one person to the next depending on their experiences, kinks, and preferences. However, the least one can expect from a sexual experience is that it is shared between living and breathing human beings. Amethyst Realm, a 27-year-old from the UK, views sex differently.

While being interviewed on the talk show called “This Morning,” she revealed that she enjoys sex with ghosts – so much that she refuses to go back to sleeping with a man. Amethyst is a spiritual guidance counselor, and she routinely goes out of her way to lure ghosts into her bedroom. The most pressing question right now is “why?”


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Amethyst’s intimate relationships with spirits started when she moved with her fiancé into a new house and claimed to have “felt a presence.” While most of us would evacuate or call a medium, Amethyst states that she found the presence comforting especially because her fiancé used to be out of town a lot for work. She claims that one ghost, in particular, took a fancy to her and used to follow her around the house.

One day while her fiancé was out, she attempted to seduce the spirit. Dressed up in sexy lingerie, she waited on the bed in the guest room. After a while she was on the verge of giving up when she experienced “kind of like a weight, I felt a pressure on my thighs, at the same physical breath, and stroking.”


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Amethyst says she indulged in sex with the spirit and he even got her to climax. Although it was the first of her sexual encounters with a ghost, it was not her last. In fact, she says her fiancé even caught her “cheating” with spirits.

According to Amethyst, her fiancé returned from a business trip early one day and witnessed the silhouette of a man in the window. Even though she never saw the ghost’s physical shape, she claims to strongly feel his touch and presence. Amethyst continued with this spirit for three years before moving on once the sex got boring.

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Amethyst says that she has enjoyed sex with 20 different ghosts. When asked how she could differentiate between them given how she never saw them, Amethyst explained: “You can always feel the difference. It’s the same with different humans; they have different energies.”

As much as she loves indulging sexually with different ghosts, she claims to be in search of the special one with whom she would settle down. She no longer exhibits any interest in living men and is solely focused on finding her right ghostly partner.

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