Home Horror Watching Horror Movies As A Couple Will Make You Happier, We Explain Why

Watching Horror Movies As A Couple Will Make You Happier, We Explain Why

Watching Horror Movies As A Couple Will Make You Happier, We Explain Why

It is no coincidence that couples who watch horror movies together seem to be the happiest, behind all this there is a scientific why, which we will explain below.

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The proven reason

There is a biological reason why happiness strikes couples who often watch horror movies together, a doctor explains it by saying:

“When we are scared, our brains pump chemical dopamine, the same chemical we release when we fall in love with someone”

So, terror brings us closer through attraction, which makes them feel happier as a couple.


Not only happier but also closer

Watching horror movies together also makes a couple feel closer to each other, as they are having a shared emotional experience.

Watching the movie together will be sharing the feeling of fear and will later share the sense of relief at the end of the plot.

It is good for the health of a relationship to live moments in which both feel vulnerable, and you will achieve many of these when feeling fear, to see the suspense coming to want to sleep with the lights on. In addition, it is well known that horror movies are a great excuse to get close and snuggle, while at the same time you make your partner feel more secure. These approaches allow the release of oxytocin.


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Terror lovers

They are also about being the type of people who love terror. Usually these people are aware that they do not need expensive or extravagant outings to have a good time. These types of couples are happy with the simple fact of staying at home with a good company, good popcorn and a good movie. This in turn makes them value the quality time together with their partner.

In addition, people who regularly watch horror movies are less stressed, which has a great impact on the health of the relationship and leads them to feel happier as couples because they have less individual concerns.

Terror lovers
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And is that horror films have a calming effect, since it produces a lot of adrena and keeps the brain in general resting to see something so absorbing. What makes the movie feel rested, ready to face the normal stresses of life.

So we can say that watching horror movies together will make you happier because it will bring you closer as a couple, you will not have to spend large sums of money to spend a good time together and keep them together without so much worry around, given the feeling of rest which provide this type of films.