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Tom Holland and Universal Discuss Back to the Future Reboot

Tom Holland and Universal Discuss Back to the Future Reboot

Despite Back to the Future’s original director, Robert Zemeckis, shutting down any potential reboot for the time-traveling movie by simply saying “Oh, God no.”, there have been some serious conversations between the Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland, and Universal Studios when referring to the prospect of a renewal for the Back to the Future franchise.

Tom Holland seems against the idea of remaking the whole movie, unfortunately, but would reenact a scene he and Robert Downey Jr. starred in during a recent DeepFake video, assuming the 54-year-old would assist his efforts, of course.

The DeepFake video of the two stars was first uploaded to YouTube 2 weeks ago and has already managed to gather a massive 5.4million views and almost 100k likes during its time online.

This sparked excitement for fans as many believe Tom Holland would perfectly fit the role of Marty McFly, wonderfully portrayed by Michael J. Fox in the original, and his on-screen father-figure, Robert Downey Jr., would be a fantastic fit to replace Christopher Lloyd as Doc.

While a strong selection of followers are interested in the concept of a new Back to the Future film starring the English-born actor, a larger portion of fans remain against the idea, mainly down to the success of the initial movie, and there being no need to fix something that’s not broken.

Back to the Future managed to gain a solid 8.5 user rating on IMDb, and a remarkable 96% and 94% on Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer and their Audience Score respectively, ultimately earning the movie the number 3 spot on the websites top movies of 1985.

Alongside Michael J. Fox and Cristopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson (as Lorraine Baines), Crispin Glover (as George McFly), Thomas F. Wilson (as Biff Tannen), Claudia Wells (as Jennifer Parker), James Tolkan (as Mr. Strickland), and numerous others played big parts in the original Back to the Future.

If you are yet to see the DeepFake video which portrays Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. as Marty McFly and Doc from Back to the Future, check it out HERE!