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Huge Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover On Its Way

Huge Walking Dead/Fear The Walking Dead Crossover On Its Way

Despite being over a decade old, The Walking Dead does not look like slowing down any time soon and the zombie-filled television series is reportedly ready to take part in an enormous crossover involving its little sibling, Fear The Walking Dead.

Rumors are stating that the cast of both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead will be meeting up for a major event sometime in the near future.

As first reported by We Got This Covered, a source close to them that correctly revealed the return of Bill Murray to Ghostbusters: Afterlife and the reboot of the Transformers series, has now claimed that Lennie James’ Morgan Jones will serve as the peacemaker of the two shows by bringing his Fear crew across America to meet up with some of his old friends currently in the TWD show.

They are also suggesting that despite already being referenced in Fear’s fifth season and failing to go through, the crossover will happen this time and is likely to take up an entire episode of The Walking Dead’s eleventh season.

The only problem that remains is The Walking Dead are years in advance of Fear, meaning the spinoff will have to time-skip during their sixth season if a crossover is to remain possible.

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Are you eagerly awaiting the crossover between the two zombie-apocalypse shows? Which two characters are you most anticipating meeting one another? Let us know how pumped you are in the comments.