30+ Creative DIY Halloween Nail Art Designs That Are Easy To Do

Halloween is around the corner. Sooner than later, we all are going to celebrate the festival with our love ones. Everyone wants to enjoy the event with love and fun activities. One of the biggest attraction of Halloween is the creative scary art people do. The scary costumes, special Halloween cakes, and every other thing.

Halloween is all about creativity. There is no shortage of ideas, things, and parties for Halloween. One of the item is Halloween Nail Art Designs! Ladies do so much stuff to make the celebrations enjoy full, and they get the least time to dress up in all the work. Nail Art designs are something that allow every other female to get ready for the Halloween before anyone else.

If you are into nail arts or want something really creative this year, here are some of best DIY nail art designs for Halloween 2017.


Some nail art designs are hard to accomplish because of how detailed they are and how exquisite they look. Have no fear, though, some of these designs are easy for you to recreate so you can rock these looks for Halloween. Get creative and fun this Halloween by achieving these looks- everyone will be talking about them! These are some of the easy DIY nail art designs that you can follow:

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are some of the most easiest designs a person can recreate. All you need to do is make a small circle at the end of your nails, or all of your nails, paint them orange, create some white lines to give it a definite shape, and make a small green stem at the top. You can paint the background any color you want, just make sure these cute little pumpkins will stand out!
diy nail art designs - pumpkins

Cute but simple!

Image via: Fab Nail Art Design

2. Blood Splatter 

These blood splatter nails are nails that will make your friends scream. They are easy to do but could be messy, so make sure you have some paper towels around you to help clean up the mess. They’re gory but cool, making them an extremely unique set of nails.
Blood Splatter 

If you’re looking for a creepy look, then these are the nails for you.

Image via: Nail Art Gallery

3. Spider Nails 

Have some big creepy spiders hanging from your nails this Halloween by following these easy design. They will freak your friends out for a moment but soon they will love your creativity!
Spider Nails

Follow these steps to create this spooky spider design!

Image via: I Creative Ideas

4. Candy Corn

Candy corn is a must have during the Halloween holiday- so, why not have it on your nails? The color scheme is easy to recreate and the design is just as simple. They are a sweet treat to yourself and your friends and will make the trick-or-treaters gush over them.
Candy Corn

A simple yet fun look.

Image via: YouTube

5. Gory Nails

These nails are creepy and horrifying- and will make people think you hurt yourself doing some crazy stunt. They’re easy to achieve and is a perfect ode to the horror filled holiday.
Gory Nails

Ouch! What happened to your nails?!

Image via: Pack-a-Punch Polish

6. A Happy Ghost and Pumpkin

Different than the pumpkin design, this duo of a ghost and a pumpkin will make your day so much better with their smiles. They’re cute and non-scary, bringing out the fun in Halloween. The polka dot designs that are associated with this look make it even more fun.
A Happy Ghost and Pumpkin

Make your day brighter with this happy ghost and jack-o-lantern!

Image via: Cute DIY Projects

7. Frankenstein Nails 

If you don’t want the full face of Frankenstein on your nails, then have his famous stitching and green color on your nails this Halloween. This incredibly easy Halloween design will make your friends jealous of your nails and will show your love for the Franken-monster!
Frankenstein Nails

The notorious stitches could be yours in just a few moments!

Images via: Totally The Bomb

8. Skull Nail Art 

Skulls are some of the most staple images of Halloween and lets everyone know it’s almost Halloween time. This particular design is easy and cute, making the creepy skulls not so creepy this time around.
Skull Nail Art

Simple yet classic skull nail art. 

Image via: YouTube

9. Googly Eyes

Even though googly eyes are fun and can make anyone laugh, these googly eyes represent monsters hiding in the dark, ready to scare people. They look fun and inviting, but who knows what’s hiding in the dark behind your nails?
Googly Eyes

Make them even spookier by making them glow in the dark. 

Image via: DIYS


10. French Manicure 

Why settle for a simple manicure when you can have a spooky one instead? These Halloween manicures are sleek and beautiful, making them ready for any occasion you need during this spooky season. The guests will absolutely love them!
French Manicure

The subtle colors of Halloween will make this look even better. 

Image via: Pinterest

11. Zombiefied Nails 

Zombify your nails this year with these creepy and extremely realistic zombie nails. These nails are so creepy that when your friends first see them they’re going to literally scream. It’s a good look to have if you’re going to be a zombie this year!
Zombiefied Nails

Terrify your friends with these zombie nails. 

Image via: Star Focal

12. They’re Coming 

Make people believe someone is coming through your nails with this weird and creative nail design. It looks like someone is trying to break through your nails and it overall looks haunting and terrifying. It’ll sure scare your friends and family!
They're Coming

Creep your friends out with this creepy look. 

Image via: Bored Panda

13. Simple but Classic 

If you don’t want anything creepy, gory, haunting, or terrifying then these nails are for you. They represent the black and orange colors of Halloween and are beautiful and elegant. Add sparkles to them as well so they can really shine in the sun.
Simple but Classic

This classic and elegant look will make you ready for any party. 

Image via: Your Nail Salon

14. Black Cat and Pumpkins

Make these cute nails yours this year! This cute and playful black cat is sitting perfectly on a pumpkin, peeking out from behind it. They are a playful design and will make everyone coo over them.
Black Cat and Pumpkins

Your friends will love these nails just like you will!

Image via: Pinterest


If you don’t want to get your hands full with nail paint or polishes, here are the nail sticker designs that can help you get ready for the Halloween Party! We have collected the best DIY Nail Design stickers that you can apply:

15. Ultimate Halloween Nail Art

Not only is this manicure dominating the rest of the list, but it is super easy to recreate with stickers and nail polish. There is also a 3D design incorporated with it, making these nails really pop. They just scream Halloween to anyone who sees them!
Ultimate Halloween Nail Art

Truly the ultimate Halloween nails!

Image via: Cute DIY Projects

16. Neon Skeleton Nails 

Make these skeletons come to life with these neon nails! They’re beautiful, elegant, and are completely eye catching. If you want these spooky and beautiful look, check out Robin Moses Nail Art on YouTube. They’re so cool, they’ll steal the show!
Neon Skeleton Nails

These skeletons will be the life of the party.

Image via: YouTube

17. Zombie Decals 

Okay, so if you don’t want your nails looking completely bloody and gross, then check out these zombie decal nails! They’re less terrifying and are overall fun, making the zombies look like they’re doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Zombie Decals

How killer are these stickers? 

Image via: Buzzfeed

18. Black Cat

Black cats are always known to be a sign of bad luck around Halloween time. Make your friends think they’re getting bad luck every time you pass them with these cute nails.
Black Cat

These black cat decal stickers are to die for.

Image via: More

19. Bats in the Sky

Make your nails look elegant and creepy with this nail design that has bats flying in the sky. With the gorgeous sunset in the back and the bare tree, these nails will sure give off a creepy feeling. It resembles the perfect Halloween night!
Bats in the Sky

Adding glitter really makes them shimmer in the sky. 

Image via: Pinterest

20. Witches Galore 

Transform yourself into a full-blown witch with these flying witches against a pumpkin colored background. They help complete your look for this year and allows you to channel your inner witch. They’re fun, creative, and down right Halloween inspired!
Witches Galore

Make the witches come alive with these nails!

Image via: Girls Hue

21. Bare Trees

Make your nails look eerie with these bare trees against a orange sky. They will represent the true colors of Halloween and some of the trees you may find when you stumble upon an abandoned and haunted house.
Bare Trees

These trees are ready to represent the true colors of Halloween. 

Image via: Pinterest


22. Emoticon Ghosts 

Have your ghosts feeling all types of way by having them express different emotions on your nails. These nails will be an instant classic and will make everyone want them. You can make them mad, angry, happy, sad, or scared this year!
Emoticon Ghosts

What emotion is your ghost feeling today?

Image via: The Gloss

23. Ode to Tim Burton

Tim Burton is the man that creates some of the best fun and spooky filled Halloween movies of all time. Pay tribute to him and his classic movies by having this manicure this year- everyone will love your look and love the tribute to Tim!
Ode to Tim Burton

Have Burton’s infamous stripes on your nails this year. 

Image via: Pinterest

24. Bloody Halloween

Next to the blood splatter nails and the zombie nails, these bloody Halloween nails are the next best things. It will look like your nails faced some type of terrible accident, making the tips look bloody and gory- but also beautiful and elegant. Perfect for Halloween!
Bloody Halloween

Add glitter to make them look even better. 

Image via: Ms Quinn Face

25. Black Cat Eyes

If you don’t want the entire black cat on your nails, how about just focus on their eyes? These nails are sleek, beautiful, and mysterious with the cat eyes looking at you. Add some whiskers and a tail, too, if you really want to capture the pure beauty of this manicure.
Black Cat Eyes

A sleeker approach to the typical cat eye nail manicures. 

Image via: Casual Contrast

26. Velvet Ghost Halloween Design 

Why settle for one ghost on each nail when you can have multiple ghosts on your nails? These cute little ghosts look like they are floating on your nails and are preparing to cutely haunt you. They’ll become an instant classic that everyone will be gushing over for sure!
Velvet Ghost Halloween Design

A simple and easy design for everyone!

Image via: Bees DIY

27. Halloween Monsters 

Make way for some of the cutest monsters you will ever see! These little guys are ready to star on your nails and make everyone claim they are the most cutest things they ever saw! They’re incredibly easy to recreate and are bright, colorful, and fun!
Halloween Monsters

These are everything but scary!

Image via: Buzzfeed

28. Mummy Water Marble Design 

Water marble nails are sweeping the Internet and are some of the most unique and creative nails people ever saw. Turn the fun and creative nails into a spooky mummy with glued on eyes this year! They’re cute, fun, and certainly unique.
Mummy Water Marble Design

These mummies are so cute and easy to do.

Image via: YouTube

29. Witches Feet

If you don’t want a full witch on your nail, then just have her feet hanging down from your nails! These cute little witches legs are something everyone will fall in love with and will want them ASAP!
Witches Feet

Cute and fun is the definition of these nails!

Image via: Pinterest

30. Kings of Horror 

If you are a fan of horror, then you know Jason and Jigsaw. Make two of the Kings of horror part of your Halloween manicure and make them an instant classic at the Halloween party you’re attending. It’s an ode to the Kings and it’s a tribute to horror.
Kings of Horror

Jason and Jigsaw are ready to become part of your nails. 

Image via: Robin Moses Nail Art

31. All Types of Halloween

If you can’t decide which look is your favorite, why not have all five on your nails? Bring the mummy, a tombstone, a vampire mouth, an eye, and some blood to the party by having these easy to create components of Halloween on your nails.
All Types of Halloween

Some of the major icons of Halloween could be on your nails this year!

Image via: Entertainment Mesh

32. Cemetery Nails 

Turn your nails into a cemetery by having cross tombstones on your nails. They’re creepy, eerie, but also creative. They will make people stop in their tracks to admire the work you have done with your nails.
Cemetery Nails

Make your nails look like they are part of the cemetery with this look. 

Image via: YouTube

33. Clowns, Clowns, Clowns

Scare your friends with this creepy and horrifying clown nail tutorial. It’s downright creepy and scary. Anyone that is afraid of clowns will be scared to come close to you with this design.

Scare your friends with this amazing clown nail design. 

Image via: YouTube

34. Magic Trick Gone Wrong 

Make people believe you have a card stuck in your nails because of this manicure! It’s creepy, disgusting, and down right all of the fun of Halloween.
Magic Trick Gone Wrong

Ouch! Did that really happen!?

Image via: Can You Actually

You can find all of these nail designs on YouTube where they can take you step-by-step on creating these unique designs. Make sure you wear them proudly and creepy all of your friends out with a few of them! They’re fun, festive, and some of the best Halloween nail designs a person can have! Have some fun with it and become super creative- Halloween will be here before you know it!

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