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100+ Halloween Nail Art Designs That Are Easy To Follow

100+ Halloween Nail Art Designs That Are Easy To Follow

Halloween Nail Art Designs of 2017: Halloween is around the corner. Sooner than later, we all are going to celebrate the festival with our loved ones. Everyone wants to enjoy the occasion with love and fun activities. One of the biggest attraction of Halloween is the creative scary art people do. The scary costumes, special Halloween cakes, and every other thing.


Halloween is all about creativity. There is no shortage of ideas, things, and parties for Halloween. One of the item is Halloween Nail Art Design! Ladies do so much stuff to make the celebrations enjoyable, and they get the least time to dress up in all the work. Nail Art designs are something that allow every other female to get ready for Halloween before anyone else.

If you are into Halloween nails art or want something really creative this year, here are some of best Halloween nail art designs for Halloween 2017.


Easy To Follow Halloween Nail Art Designs

Some nail art designs are hard to accomplish because of how detailed they are and how exquisite they look. Have no fear, though, some of these designs are easy Halloween nail art ideas for you to recreate so you can rock these looks for Halloween. Get creative this Halloween by achieving these looks- everyone will be talking about them! These are some of the easy DIY Halloween nail art designs that you can follow:

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are some of the most easiest designs a person can recreate. All you need to do is make a small circle at the end of your nails, or all of your nails, paint them orange, create some white lines to give it a definite shape, and make a small green stem at the top. You can paint the background any color you want, just make sure these cute little pumpkins will stand out!
DIY Nail Art

Cute but simple!


2. Blood Splatter 

These blood splatter nails are nails that will make your friends scream. They are easy to do but could be messy, so make sure you have some paper towels around you to help clean up the mess. They’re gory but cool, making them an extremely unique set of nails.
DIY Halloween nail art

If you’re looking for a creepy look, then these are the nails for you.

3. Spider Nails 

Have some big creepy spiders hanging from your nails this Halloween by following these easy Halloween nail art design ideas. They will freak your friends out for a moment but soon they will love your creativity!
scary halloween nail art


Follow these steps to create this spooky spider design!

4. Candy Corn

Candy corn is a must have during the Halloween holiday- so, why not have it on your nails? The color scheme is easy to recreate and the design is just as simple. They are a sweet treat to yourself and your friends and will make the trick-or-treaters gush over them.
creepy nail art ideas

A simple yet fun look.


5. Gory Nails

These nails are creepy and horrifying- and will make people think you hurt yourself doing some crazy stunt. They’re easy to achieve and is a perfect ode to the horror filled holiday.
Scary Nail art for Halloween 2017

Ouch! What happened to your nails?!

6. A Happy Ghost and Pumpkin

Different than the pumpkin design, this duo of a ghost and a pumpkin will make your day so much better with their smiles. They’re cute and non-scary, bringing out the fun in Halloween. The polka dot designs that are associated with this look make it even more fun.
nail art


Make your day brighter with this happy ghost and jack-o-lantern!

7. Frankenstein Nails 

If you don’t want the full face of Frankenstein on your nails, then have his famous stitching and green color on your nails this Halloween. This incredibly easy Halloween design will make your friends jealous of your nails and will show your love for the Franken-monster!
diy simple nail designs

The notorious stitches could be yours in just a few moments!


Creative DIY Halloween Nail Art Design Ideas

If you don’t want to get your hands full with nail paint or nail polishes, here are the nail sticker designs that can help you get ready for the Halloween Party! We have collected the best Halloween Nail Art Design stickers that you can apply:

8. Skull Nail Art 

Skulls are some of the most staple images of Halloween and lets everyone know it’s almost Halloween time. This particular design is easy and cute, making the creepy skulls not so creepy this time around.
creative nail art ideas for halloween

Simple yet classic skull nail art. 


9. Googly Eyes

Even though googly eyes are fun and can make anyone laugh, these googly eyes represent monsters hiding in the dark, ready to scare people. They look fun and inviting, but who knows what’s hiding in the dark behind your nails?
Nail art ideas

Make them even spookier by making them glow in the dark. 

10. French Manicure 

Why settle for a simple manicure when you can have a spooky one instead? These Halloween manicures are sleek and beautiful, making them ready for any occasion you need during this spooky season. The guests will absolutely love them!
halloween nail art


The subtle colors of Halloween will make this look even better. 

11. Zombiefied Nails 

Zombify your nails this year with these creepy and extremely realistic zombie nails. These nails are so creepy that when your friends first see them they’re going to literally scream. It’s a good look to have if you’re going to be a zombie this year!
scary nail art

Terrify your friends with these zombie nails. 


12. They’re Coming 

Make people believe someone is coming through your nails with this weird and creative nail art designs. It looks like someone is trying to break through your nails and it overall looks haunting and terrifying. It’ll sure scare your friends and family!
Design art for Halloween 2017

Creep your friends out with this creepy look. 

13. Simple but Classic 

If you don’t want anything creepy, gory, haunting, or terrifying then these nails are for you. They represent the black and orange colors of Halloween and are beautiful and elegant. Add sparkles to them as well so they can really shine in the dark.
Design For Nail art


This classic and elegant look will make you ready for any party. 

14. Black Cat and Pumpkins

Make these cute nails yours this year! This cute and playful black cat is sitting perfectly on a pumpkin, peeking out from behind it. They are a playful design and will make everyone coo over them.
Nail art for halloween

Your friends will love these nails just like you will!


Last Minute Nail Art Designs for Halloween Party

If you are caught up in the busy rush of the holiday and have seemingly no time at all to tend to yourself properly, then the ideal solution for you is to go for these simple last minute nail art designs. They are great nail art ideas and are incredibly easy to whip up. So get your groove on acquire these creative nail art designs for everyone to go gaga over.


15. Ultimate Halloween Nail Art

Not only is this manicure dominating the rest of the list, but it is super easy to recreate with stickers and nail polish. There is also a 3D design incorporated with it, making these nails really pop. They just scream Halloween to anyone who sees them!


Truly the ultimate Halloween nails!

16. Neon Skeleton Nails 

Make these skeletons come to life with these neon nails! They’re beautiful, elegant, and are completely eye catching. If you want these spooky and beautiful look, check out Robin Moses Nail Art on YouTube. They’re so cool, they’ll steal the show!
Halloween Nail art

These skeletons will be the life of the party.


17. Zombie Decals 

Okay, so if you don’t want your nails looking completely bloody and gross, then check out these zombie decal nails! They’re less terrifying and are overall fun, making the zombies look like they’re doing Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Zombie Decals

How killer are these stickers? 


18. Black Cat

Black cats are always known to be a sign of bad luck around Halloween time. Make your friends think they’re getting bad luck every time you pass them with these cute nails.
Nail art 2017

These black cat decal stickers are to die for.

19. Bats in the Sky

Make your nails look elegant and creepy with this nail design that has bats flying in the sky. With the gorgeous sunset in the back and the bare tree, these nails will sure give off a creepy feeling. It resembles the perfect Halloween night!
cool nail designs


Adding glitter really makes them shimmer in the sky. 

20. Witches Galore 

Transform yourself into a full-blown witch with these flying witches against a pumpkin colored background. They help complete your look for this year and allows you to channel your inner witch. These creative Halloween nail art designs are great fun!
creepy Nail art for Halloween

Make the witches come alive with these nails!


21. Bare Trees

Make your nails look eerie with these bare trees against a orange sky. They will represent the true colors of Halloween and some of the trees you may find when you stumble upon an abandoned and haunted house.
Halloween Nail art 2017

These trees are ready to represent the true colors of Halloween. 

Spooky DIY Nail Art Designs for Halloween

Halloween is that one holiday that requires you to go above and beyond in terms of creepy. The spookier and eerier your nail art designs are, the more Halloween oriented they are. There should be absolutely nothing holding you back from achieving the ultimate spook factor with Halloween nail art designs.


22. Emoticon Ghosts 

Have your ghosts feeling all types of way by having them express different emotions on your nails. These nails will be an instant classic and will make everyone want them. You can make them mad, angry, happy, sad, or scared this year!
creative nail art design

What emotion is your ghost feeling today?

23. Ode to Tim Burton

Tim Burton is the man that creates some of the best fun and spooky filled Halloween movies of all time. Pay tribute to him and his classic movies by having this manicure this year- everyone will love your look and love the tribute to Tim!
all nails designs


Have Burton’s infamous stripes on your nails this year. 

24. Bloody Halloween

Next to the blood splatter nails and the zombie nails, these bloody Halloween nails are the next best things. It will look like your nails faced some type of terrible accident, making the tips look bloody and gory- but also beautiful and elegant. Perfect for Halloween!
scary nail art for Halloween

Add glitter to make them look even better. 


25. Black Cat Eyes

If you don’t want the entire black cat on your nails, how about just focus on their eyes? These nails are sleek, beautiful, and mysterious with the cat eyes looking at you. Add some whiskers and a tail, too, if you really want to capture the pure beauty of this manicure.
Nail art design ideas

A sleeker approach to the typical cat eye nail manicures. 

26. Velvet Ghost Halloween Design 

Why settle for one ghost on each nail when you can have multiple ghosts on your nails? These cute little ghosts look like they are floating on your nails and are preparing to cutely haunt you. They’ll become an instant classic that everyone will be gushing over for sure!
creepy halloween nail art


A simple and easy design for everyone!

27. Halloween Monsters 

Make way for some of the cutest monsters you will ever see! These little guys are ready to star on your nails and make everyone claim they are the most cutest things they ever saw! They’re incredibly easy to recreate and are bright, colorful, and fun!
Halloween Nail art 2017

These are everything but scary!


28. Mummy Water Marble Design 

Water marble nails are sweeping the Internet and are some of the most unique and creative nails people ever saw. Turn the fun and creative nails into a spooky mummy with glued on eyes this year! They’re cute, fun, and certainly unique.
Nail art Designs for halloween 2017

These mummies are so cute and easy to do.

29. Witches Feet

If you don’t want a full witch on your nail, then just have her feet hanging down from your nails! These cute little witches legs are something everyone will fall in love with and will want them ASAP!
Halloween Nail art ideas


Cute and fun is the definition of these nails!

30. Kings of Horror 

If you are a fan of horror, then you know Jason and Jigsaw. Make two of the Kings of horror part of your Halloween manicure and make them an instant classic at the Halloween party you’re attending. It’s an ode to the Kings and it’s a tribute to horror.
Nail art ideas for Halloween

Jason and Jigsaw are ready to become part of your nails. 


31. All Types of Halloween

If you can’t decide which look is your favorite, why not have all five on your nails? Bring the mummy, a tombstone, a vampire mouth, an eye, and some blood to the party by having these easy to create components of Halloween on your nails.
nail art designs for halloween

Some of the major icons of Halloween could be on your nails this year!

32. Cemetery Nails 

Turn your nails into a cemetery by having cross tombstones on your nails. They’re creepy, eerie, but also creative. They will make people stop in their tracks to admire the work you have done with your nails.
Halloween Nail Art


Make your nails look like they are part of the cemetery with this look. 

33. Clowns, Clowns, Clowns

Scare your friends with this creepy and horrifying clown nail tutorial. It’s downright creepy and scary. Anyone that is afraid of clowns will be scared to come close to you with this design.
simple nail designs

Scare your friends with this amazing clown nail design. 


34. Magic Trick Gone Wrong 

Make people believe you have a card stuck in your nails because of this manicure! It’s creepy, disgusting, and down right all of the fun of Halloween.
nail art pictures

Ouch! Did that really happen!?

You can find all of these nail designs on YouTube where they can take you step-by-step on creating these unique designs. Make sure you wear them proudly and creepy all of your friends out with a few of them! They’re fun, festive, and some of the best Halloween nail art designs a person can have! Have some fun with it and become super creative- Halloween will be here before you know it!
Halloween nail art is one of the most popular things on the Internet right now where nail artists stun the viewers with their incredible designs. Nail art is used to express holidays or how the person is feeling at various times. So, what better way to get into the Halloween spirit then, right? Here are some of the most creepiest, scariest and cutest nail art ideas that will show everyone you are fully ready to embrace Halloween this year! The following collection will inspire you to bedazzle your hands and nails this holiday season.


Best Halloween Nail Art Designs for Everyone!

To kick off our Halloween nail art ideas, the following collection are easily the best nail art ideas there are. The right degree of spooky, these are wonderful for the holidays. You will definitely need these to get into the festive mood. Most of these ideas are incredibly easy and simple to pull off. 

1. Goofy Ghouls 

Take a step away from the creepy side of Halloween and have some fun with these cute little ghouls popping up from your nails! Not only are they fun and creative, they will be the show stopping nails your friends will be begging you to do for them.

Nail Art Designs


If you’re having a sad day, just look at your nails. 

2. Going Batty 

These nails are a perfect combination for the love of bats, sunsets, haunted houses, and graveyards. Create a creepy scene that is filled with bats and other things on your nails so all of your friends could admire them. It’s a cute, easy, and terrifying look that will definitely show people you’re in the mood for Halloween.

Halloween Nail Art

Go crazy with all of these creepy bats!

3. Smoke and Mirrors 

Not only are these nails elegant and beautiful, but they’re extremely mysterious and eerie. What’s behind the smoke? Is there a hidden message? These are another set of nails that will leave your friends dying to know where you got your nails done and how they can have the same look as you.


Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Own this smokey look this Halloween. 

4. Icky Infection

Make your friends run and scream from you with these realistic looking nails. They will make people believe you have some type of infection and they should stay clear of you. They’re creepy, icky, terrifying, and down right scary- all of the perfect elements for Halloween. To give your friends the ultimate scare by recreating this look, make sure you purchase nail art studs, which could be found on Amazon for $7.

Halloween Nail Art Designs

Make your nails look this infected!

5. Ghost Busted

Who you gonna call? YOURSELF! If you are a huge fan of the hit movie Ghostbusters then turn your nails into some of the monsters and ghouls that were shown throughout the movie. Your friends will be calling you with those nails when they hear something go bump in the night. Purchase the nail art brushes, only $8 on Amazon, to complete this fun look!


Nail art for Halloween

Who ya gonna call?!

6. Creepy Crawlers 

Have spiders crawl on your nails with this edgy manicure. They will have your friends who have a deep fear of spiders cringe every time they see you. To give it an even edgier look, at metallic to the spiderwebs to real make them pop! Use the nail art brushes, $8 on Amazon, to help you create this creepy crawler manicure.

Halloween Nail Art 2017


Make spiders come to life on your nails with this design!

7. Fit for Morticia 

The Addams Family dominated Halloween movies as it portrayed a true Halloween family. So, why not become one of the members? These nails are the staple icon for Morticia Addams, so you can always be like her when having these beautiful, polka dot nails on. These are some of the most glamorous nails that take after the most glamorous women of Halloween.

Nail art Design for halloween

Do you worthy enough to summon Morticia Addams with these nails?

8. Screamingly Good

AAHHHH! I can’t believe someone recreated the hit horror movie Scream in nail art form! Have your nails tribute the iconic movie with these nails that have bloody handprints and Ghostface all over them. Your friends will love you for your amazing tribute to the movie and they will know you mean business when you say Halloween is in fact your favorite holiday. Check out YouTube star JauntyJuli if you want to recreate this spooky and awesome nail manicure.


amazing halloween nail art

Get your actual scream on with these nails. 

9. Just Eyeball It

If you want people to feel uneasy around you, then these are the nails for you! Transform your nails into five creepy, bloodshot eyes that look like they’re looking at everyone in the same room you as. They’re cute, creepy, and downright fun. If you want this design, make sure you purchase a nail art dotting tool, which could be found on Amazon for only $2.

Halloween Nail Art ideas 2017


All eyes are on you!

10. A Bony Way To Go 

Black and white is a combination that could go with any outfit or occasion. So, why not make this elegant design into a creepy and spooky Halloween themed nail art design? These nails will have your friends loving your unique take on the black and white theme and will be dying to match you!

Nail Art for halloween

Become the star of the party with these unique nails. 

11. RIP To Your Nails 

Make your nails the absolute ode to Halloween by recreating tombstones on your nails. These timeless designs are an instant classic and represent Halloween in a creepy way. All you need is black nail polish to recreate the lettering on the tombstones (and a black cat if you want!), gray/white nail polish for the tombstones, and some dark green nail polish if you want to add some grass to your design!


DIY Nail art

The absolute meaning of your nails are to DIE for.

12. Hocus Pocus!

One of the most fun and popular Halloween movies can be recreated on your nails! Show your love for this movie with these nails- and, if you’re going to be a witch this year, have three of the most famous witches on your nails to rock the look!


creepy halloween nail art

Have the three sisters on your nails for this year’s holiday! 

Spooky Nail Art Ideas for Halloween Party

Turn up the scare factor a notch with these spooky Halloween nails art ideas. Of course you can get all cutesy nails this holiday season, but really if it is Halloween, the only plausible nail art you need is spooky and creepy ones. Do not hold back with this one.

13. Poltergeist Nails 

The Poltergeist is another movie that people love to watch every day during the Halloween season. Spook your friends out with these nails and show your love for another staple icon movie with them. They’re unique and show stopping, making them the nails to have for this Halloween.


Halloween nail art ideas 2017

Have one of the most famous scenes in the movie on your nails. 

14. Nightmare Before Christmas 

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Jack Skellington and the rest of Halloween Town are ready to be on your nails this Halloween! Make sure you make this design, your friends will be shocked and in love!

Best halloween nail art


Show your love for this movie by having a few characters on your nails. 

15. Skulls and Cobwebs 

Deck your nails out with these skulls and cobwebs. They’re spooky, eerie, creepy, and cute! They are a design to have that will have you wanting Halloween every day, all day!

best halloween nail art ideas

Add a bat to these nails to make them the ultimate nails this year!

16. Cracked Nails 

Even though these nails are extremely unique, they are not for the faint of heart. They’re creepy, gory, and the perfect fit for true Halloween fans. They’ll freak your friends out and may make them faint when they first see them.


best nail art for halloween

These terrifying nails will give everyone a scream. 

17. Mummy Nails 

Mummify your nails with this 3D nail art! These unique nails will feel like a mummy and will freak your friends out when they see the glowing eyes coming from one of the wraps. Want them to glow in the dark? Purchase glow in the dark nail polish and you’ll have creepy eyes looking at you even during the night!

best nail art for halloween 2017


Make your nails look as creepy as these!

18. Grim Reaper 

Make Death become part of your nails this Halloween. Have the Grim Reaper stand on your nails with fire around him to make him all the more terrifying. They’re creepy and cool, the components that make Halloween all the better.

creepy nail art

How cool are these scary nails?

19. Vampire Nails 

Scare your friends with these vampire nails. Their creepy and scary and just all around fun to make! Make sure the fangs stand out from the rest of the nails so everyone knows what they are! These nails would be perfect if you’re going to be a creepy vampire this year. < img class=”alignnone wp-image-5720 size-large” src=”http://freaked.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/o-DIY-NAIL-ART-HALLOWEEN-VAMPIRE-FANGS-facebook-1024×761.jpg” alt=”EASY NAIL ART DESIGN” width=”525″ height=”390″ />


Make these nails yours today!

20. Black Cat

Do you want the black cat that rules Halloween on your nails? Recreate this simple and cute look to have the upmost staple icon of Halloween on your nails this year! Scare your friends with these nails and make them think they walked the path of the black cat!

creepy nail art for halloween


These black cats will make anyone soon over how cute they are!

21. BOO!

Super Mario is one of the most famous games ever to exist. But, one of the most favorite and spooky characters in the game is King Boo! This Halloween have King Boo by your side and rock these nails! They’re fun and super easy to do!

creepy nail art for halloween 2017

Let the King of all Kings sit on your nails this Halloween. 

22. Jason Is Here

Are you a fan of Jason? Well, now you can proudly show your love for one of the most staple icons of Halloween on your nails. Creating the Jason mask is easy and so is the blood splatter so all of your friends know you mean business when it comes to the ultimate Halloween nail art.


creepy halloween nail art

Have an ode to Jason this Halloween with these nails! 


When running short on time and patience, most people tend to ignore the entire Halloween celebrations. You need not be one of those people. These easy and simple last minute nails art ideas will save the day for you. You do not have to be left out while all your other friends have the time of the year.

23. Skull Candy

Skulls are one of the most iconic items that represent Halloween. They have been transformed into some of the most scariest things a person can ever come across, but they have also been turned into some of the most gorgeous displays ever. El Día de Muertos, The Day Of The Dead, takes place a few days after Halloween, but these nails will have your friends swooning over them. They’re cute, fun, and easy to do! Even though these nails are cute, they are the perfect design to get your Halloween spirit going!


DIY halloween nail art

Create these cute skull candy nails for Halloween for El Día de Muertos. 

24. From The Pumpkin Patch

All hail The Great Pumpkin! Pumpkin’s are the perfect thing to show your neighbors that you have fully embraced the Autumn season and you’re preparing for the festivities of Halloween. These glittery fun nails are easy to achieve- all you need is nail art brushes, which could be found on Amazon for $8.

DIY nail art for halloween


Make sure you represent the Great Pumpkin this year!

25. Oh My Ghostness!

These ghosts are ready to get their scare on and scare anyone who crosses their path! These cute little ghosts are a Halloween favorite and are easy to recreate, and you can design them anyway! Get your boo on with these little guys!

halloween nail art

Make these ghosts anyway you want! 

26. Sweet Scarecrow

Scarecrows are depicted to be some of the most scariest people on Halloween. These nails, though, are anything but scary. They’re cute, easy to do, and will maybe inspire a creative Halloween custom for you! These nails just scream ‘scarecrow’ because of the traditional colors associated with them and the well known stitching they have on their body. To achieve this look, you just need to purchase nail art brushes, which are only $8 on Amazon! Get yours today and recreate the scarecrow look your friends will be dying to have!


best halloween nail art

How sweet are these nails? 

27. Crimson Tide

If you’re looking for a more elegant look with your nails, I highly recommend these crimson tide nails. Not only are they sleek and elegant, but the gradient of blood red to pitch black will let everyone know Halloween is present in your life. Make sure this elegant look becomes even more elegant by adding a nice glossy finish to it.

amazing halloween nail art


These gorgeous crimson tide nails. 

28. Liar, Liar

These nails will have your friends wondering if you’re trying to send them a subtle message or not- or if you’re just paying a tribute to one of your favorite television shows or movies. To achieve this creepy look, make sure you have nail art brushes, which could be found for $8 on Amazon. Trust me, your friends will for sure be creeped out by these!

halloween nail art 2017

What message are you trying to send with these nails? 

29. Monster Munchies

One of the greatest things about Halloween is candy, which is right next to the ghouls and monsters that rule this haunting Halloween. Combine your love for monsters, ghouls, and candy by transforming your nails into fun ode to all three of these things! Just like the majority of the nail designs on this list, to achieve this look all you need is the $8 nail art brushes from Amazon.


easy halloween nail art

How cute are these monster nails?!

30. All of the Above

If you’re a person who loves everything about Halloween and can’t seem to figure out which nail art design best suits you, why not have all of the creepy elements on your nails? These nails consist of a spider, candy corn, jack-o-lantern, creepy eyes, and a monster- all of the things that indicate it’s Halloween time!

best nail art for halloween


Jack-o-lantern, a spider, candy corn, creepy eyes, and a monster all in one manicure!

31. Bloody French Tips

Give your friends a scream with these bloody nails! These french tips are not only beautiful but they are the definition of creepy. Here’s a helpful hint: if you want these nails to glow in the dark, make sure you use UV nail polish as the base. Then they really will be truly creepy!

DIY halloween nail art 2017

Freak your friends out with these bloody nails. 

32. Crime Scene

Freak your friends out with these crime scene nails! Having your fingerprints inked in blood red against white will have your friends freak out and gasp at how realistic they look. You will have them believing you did a crime you never did!


halloween nail design

Make your friends question what you did the other day with these nails.

33. Delicate Cobwebs

Okay, so if spiders really aren’t your favorite animals in the world but you still love cobwebs because it is the truest icon of all things scary, then these nails are for you. Simple yet spooky, these nails will have you looking elegant and prepared for Halloween this year. To get the pure, pitch black background for these nails, be sure to purchase the Essie Nail Color in Licorice, which could be found on macys.com for only $9.

nail art ideas 2017


Let your nails look spook-tastic with these nails.

34. Kiss of the Spider Woman

I know we already talked about spiderwebs, but these webs are better than the rest because of how they’re made. To create a realistic touch and look for these nails, make sure you use string to give it the overall realistic look and feeling. It’ll make your friends admire your nails even more than before and your nails would be Instagram worthy- I swear. If you don’t think you want to use string for these nails, using a thin strip of tape and apply it with a thin brush.

Nail art ideas for halloween

Make them feel real by using string- it’s that easy!

35. Sparkly Skeletons

These creepy yet cute nails will make you admire your nails every day. Not only are they expressing your love for Halloween with a few skeleton parts on your nails, but they are also showing your love for glitter! They will glitter every day for you and make you remember why you love the holiday so much. Make sure you get China Glaze Nail Polish in White On White, only $6 on Amazon, to make your skeletons really pop from the purple background!


creepy nail art

Your friends will be begging you to do their nails like this!


The best part of any form of decoration is not about how much effort goes into it. You could spend hours on a design and still end up with an awful outcome. The trick is to work smart and not hard. Being creative is a major bonus when it comes to nails art ideas. If you follow the following ideas you will be certain to wow the crowd come Halloween.

36. Jack Skellies

Jack Skellington is almost here with Halloween only a few months away. Show your love for him and his home, Halloween Town, by having his face on your nails! They are both cute and creepy for the upcoming holiday, making them a must have! Get OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow, $11 on Amazon, to capture the true form of Jack Skellington.


creative nail art

Make Jack Skellington apart of your every day life with these nails!

37. Grinning Ghosts

Put a smile on your face, or someone else’s, with these cute ghosts constantly smiling at you. Not only are they a reminder that ghosts are a main image for Halloween, but these cute rosy-cheeked ghosts will give you all the feels. Get OPI Nail Lacquer in Alpine Snow, $11 on Amazon, to create these happy-go-lucky ghosts.

creative nail art 2017


Make your day better with these happy ghosts!

38. Spooky Splatter

If you’re really looking to give your friends a good scare, then make sure you showcase these splatter painted nails. It’s a good way to get into the Halloween spirit and is an easy and successful way to create beautiful nails without any designs. They’re fun, easy, and super creepy.

creative nails art for halloween

Become an artist by creating these nails. 

39. Monster Eyes Are All on You 

If you’re looking for a less creepy approach to having eyes on your nails, then why not create some monster eyes on your nails? Not only are they creepy and Halloween inspired, they are cute and easy to do, which will make your friends jealous they don’t have these eyes on them!


creative nails art for halloween 2017

All eyes will be on your friends with these nails. 

40. I Want Candy

Do you love candy corn? Make your love for this candy known by proudly wearing it on your nails. They’re sweet, elegant, and are a perfect way to show you’re ready for Halloween and all of the trick-or-treaters.

halloween creative nails art


A sweet way to get ready for Halloween. 

41. Occult Nails 

If you have a strong interest in the Occult or if you just want to spook your friends, then these nails are for you. They represent the symbols of the Occult and they will be the most talked about nails for this year. They’re easy to do and they are going to be some of the most interesting nails you’ve ever seen.

halloween creative nails art 2017

Show your love for the Occult by having these nails. 

42. Frankenstein 

Frankenstein has become one of the first original Halloween monsters of all time. Now, you can have him on your nails and make you and all of your friends scream, “He’s alive!” whenever they see you. They’re cute, fun, and easy to do!


halloween nails art

Isn’t Frankenstein so cute with this design?!

43. Summoning All Witches 

Channel your inner witch with these sticker witch nails. Become the ultimate witch this Halloween by wearing the costume and owning these witching nails. They’re easy to do and will be the hit of the holiday!

best nails art for halloween


Make your nails come to life with these flying witches. 

44. Thumbs Up

Maybe having a glittery haunted graveyard isn’t the way you want to go. Have no fear, there is a set of nails for you to create! Making your ring finger and thumb into a skeleton is only part of this creepy nail manicure, so make sure you had a haunted house, a scary skeleton, and a creepy ghost to make this manicure an all time favorite! When your thumb and ring finger are lined up, the skeleton on the two fingers will come alive and dance for you!

nail art

This is a must have look!

45. Flying Away

Have two of the most iconic images of Halloween on your nails this year! Recreate this cute skeleton and the group of bats to show everyone the true meaning of Halloween. Not only are they cute but they are a creepy reminder that Halloween is supposed to be terrifying and eerie. Purchase neon green nail polish on Amazon for $5 so you can get a ghoulish-green background.


nail art 2017

These skeletons and bats are some of the cutest we’ve ever seen. 

46. Once in a Blood Moon

Moving away from spiders and their webs, lets talk about the Blood Moon. If you feel like you’re always missing the Blood Moon when it rises, or if you wish you can see it all the time, then these are the nails for you. Having the Blood Moon on your nails gives you a chance to always see it and will always shimmer in the sunlight. Make sure you get Julep Nail Color in Stevie, which is found on julep.com for $14, to make your Blood Moon- and nails- shine all day long.

best nail art


Have the Blood Moon with you at all times!

47. Nail O’ Lanterns 

With this other take of pumpkins, your nails will be the talk of the party! These nails are a little more terrifying than the ones previously listed because they are evil jack-o-lanterns floating in mid air. To achieve this spooktacular look, all you need are the Bundle Monster Holiday Stamping Plates, which are $15 on Amazon.

DIY nail art

Get these creepy jack-o-lanterns now!

48. Glittery Graveyard

Make this graveyard not so scary by making it have glitter all over it! This haunting and creepy graveyard will scare your friends and will also shimmer in the light, making it really shine! Use nail art brushes, $8 on Amazon, to perfect the tombstones, trees, bats, and haunted houses. These will definitely give you a scare!


best nail art

These nails are to die for!

49. Haunted House Scene

Use some stickers to create an iconic haunted house scene on your nails. It’s everything about Halloween- haunted houses, a moon, a witch, bats, ghoulish eyes, and a terrifying ghost.

nail art ideas


These nails are elegant and scary, the perfect fit for Halloween. 

50. Jack-O-Lanterns and Bats 

Another haunted scene can be achieved with stickers and can be made to look extremely real. Instead of haunted houses, these nails are focusing on creepy jack-o-lantern, bats, and eerie bare trees with a orange sunset behind them.

nail art ideas for 2017

These nails are so terrifying and beautiful, everyone will want them!

These are just some of the nail designs you can recreate for Halloween. Give them your all and make them as spooky and creepy as they can possibly be. Make sure you show off these nails to your friends- I guarantee you they will be wanting them on their nails next! Are you ready to get your spook on?