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A picture is worth a thousand words. The pictures in these articles inspire works like horrific, chilling, and eerie. Art has many affects on people. It can battle depression, stir up memories, fond or otherwise, or it can take one’s mind through the depths of Hell. Whether it is a fan’s interpretation of their favorite horror movie, or a beautiful night landscape interpreted by the inner workings of a madman, Art has the power to take you on a journey. The galleries presented here will take you on a roller coaster of fear through a track with more twists than a pretzel.

Come with us on a visual tour through the gothic. We promise it won’t hurt much.  Our exploration into the macabre knows no bounds. Join us. Your appetite for the nightmarish worlds of the unexplored will be quenched. Our banquet of the damned knows no bounds. Let your eyes tell a story with just a glance into the heart of insanity. We have such sights to show you!